Your Vaccine Injury Lawyers

At Sands Anderson, we understand that you do everything you can to keep yourself and your family healthy. That includes vaccinations, which are essential for preventing many illnesses. But sometimes, a vaccination can lead to an injury. When that happens, we’re here for you.

Our vaccination injury team has decades of experience helping people file claims with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). We give you personalized attention throughout the VICP process. The Sands Anderson team genuinely cares about our clients, and we do everything we can to support you and your family—as allies and friends.

When you choose our vaccine injury team, you get:

  • Expert legal help, at no cost to you. All legal fees for your claim are paid through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, and do not affect the total value of your compensation.
  • Extensive experience. With nearly 150 claims with the VICP, and a success rate of approximately 95%, we have helped our clients receive millions of dollars in compensation.
  • Our personal approach. We get to know you and your family, and our attorneys stay in close contact throughout the VICP process.
  • Medical knowledge. One of our attorneys is also a physician, which means we can help you navigate your healthcare as well as your legal claim.
  • Location. While we help people from all 50 states, we are located near Washington D.C. close to the United States Court of Federal Claims, where the VICP originated.
  • Sands Anderson’s history of success. Sands Anderson has been helping clients since 1842. We have a deep history helping people who have been injured by vaccines, and a high success rate with these clients. Our team has an enduring commitment to ethics and an unwavering support for our clients.

Elizabeth M. Muldowney

Elizabeth has extensive experience representing people with vaccine-related injuries. She understands the important relationship between healthcare and the law, and she ensures that each client is informed and prepared for each step in the litigation process. Her experience with medical malpractice lawsuits allows her to tailor unique legal strategies to address her client’s cases.

Ramon “Ray” Rodriguez, III, MD

Ray was a primary care physician before becoming an attorney in 2002. He was inspired to become a vaccine litigation attorney after realizing how many people did not know how to navigate the vaccination-injury claims process. Ray genuinely cares about his clients’ wellbeing and he works to advise and guide them about vaccination injuries and the programs available to assist them.