How Sands Anderson Vaccine Injury Lawyers Help You

Filing a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) doesn’t require a lawyer, but it can help. Especially with Sands Anderson on your team.

The vaccine injury lawyers at Sands Anderson are backed by leaders in healthcare industry law. And since one of our vaccine injury attorneys is also a licensed physician, you can count on us for expert attention throughout the process.

When we file your VICP claim, you get more than help with paperwork and deadlines. We become your trusted ally in wellness and health, because we care for you.

We Get to Know You and Your Family

With Sands Anderson, you don’t get lost in a large, impersonal law firm. Our attorneys take the time to get to know you and your family. We want to understand every aspect of how your injury has affected your life.

With a licensed physician on our team, we can help you understand the legal and medical aspects of your case. Together we work with you to answer any questions and help find the care you need.

We Guide You Through the Process

Our personal touch means that we’re with you throughout the process, explaining each step as we go. We’ll keep you updated on progress with your case, and we’re often in touch on a weekly basis.

If we need to see you in person, we’ll travel to where you live. Our clients appreciate the consistent attention and advice aimed at helping them feel whole again.

We Retain Experts for You

The Court may need information to determine your compensation, such as limitations after your vaccine injury, pain and suffering and lost wages.

Sands Anderson will retain consultants to provide this information. They may include doctors, economists, life counselors, scientists and others. These experts will provide information for your case, and testify if necessary, at no cost to you.

We Can Help Maximize Your Compensation

The expertise and experience of Sands Anderson vaccine injury lawyers can help you receive the highest possible compensation for your claim.

We consider all aspects of your injury, and we know the process and what’s required at every step. See how we’ve helped clients from across the U.S. get the compensation they deserve.

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