Managing a Vaccine Injury and Building Lifelong Relationships

Attorney Ramon Rodriguez, III, MD, JD shares a client testimonial. 

After immigrating to the United States from India over 25 years ago, my client built a small business and raised successful, talented children with his wife. Anticipating a new life chapter in his life, he enrolled in school to change careers and become a health care professional.

As part of his education in the healthcare industry, my client received a series of routine vaccines for hepatitis B. Soon after the vaccination, however, his family and peers began noticing uncharacteristic symptoms, which developed into seizures and short-term memory loss.

Tragically, my client’s condition grew worse, ultimately requiring a medically induced coma and the use of a ventilator for 2 months as doctors attempted to diagnose his condition. While the doctors never reached a consensus opinion why the neurological problems developed, the vaccination may have had a role. Luckily, with aggressive treatment, my client’s condition began to improve to the point where his doctors suggested moving him into a nursing home, so he could relearn how to eat and walk.

With medical bills piling up, his family reached out to me for guidance and representation.  His wife became his guardian and many complex medical questions were answered.  While navigating the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), we built a lasting friendship and bond with this resilient couple.

Earning Trust

Quickly recognizing the family’s resilience and optimism in the face of trauma, I helped them build a case for damages based on:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Throughout the settlement process, the relationship with my clients grew. I visited their home, shared meals, took phone calls 24/7, and supported them r throughout the vaccine injury’s emotional ups and downs. What started as legal support through a VICP claim became an enduring friendship.

Looking Toward Tomorrow

Reaching a settlement for my clients required more than in-depth understanding of the VICP. By determining their current and future needs, I helped ensure my clients had the financial comfort to uphold a meaningful quality of life while the settlement covered all of the vaccine injury related expenses. With support, my client remains in his family home and receives the care he needs. And, his family and I remain close today.

“We are so grateful — you have done so much for our family,” my client’s wife said. “Although I’d give anything to have my husband back the way he was, we would not have the life we have today without you. Thank you for caring for your clients and helping us move forward.”

We Stand Ready to Help

At Sands Anderson, before filing a detailed injury claim with the VICP, we establish a relationship built on listening and clear communication. And, because we have a medical professional on our team, we can offer unique insight into our clients’ conditions and legal and financial concerns.

Vaccine-related injuries can cause serious disruptions in a family’s life, causing pain, stress, and fear. But, you can find justice.

Our team of vaccine injury attorneys at Sands Anderson stand ready to help you seek the compensation you deserve. With a medical professional on staff, we can help you understand your injury and file a claim with the VICP.

Contact us today to begin the healing process.